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Tackle It Thursday

Posted on: August 14, 2008

So Thursdays are intended to be a challenge day. Every Thursday I will take on a challenge, either designed by me, or suggested by my readers. Since I hardly have any readers yet (though I have to give Kelvin props cause he put me in his blog roll and I got 5 clicks from there which is awesome – you can check out his blog here), I came up with this challenge myself. Using 10 numbers generated from here, I went to a list here of college level vocabulary words. I’ll include the definitions at the bottom, in case you’re wondering. By the way, I make no claims that knowing these will actually help you in college. It’s just ten words. I also make no claims that I’m using these words in the right way. Oh and by the way, I accidentally hit refresh on my numbers, so they changed halfway through. I know there’s no way for you to check, but I’m honest about it. Also I had some help from

As always, you’re welcome to play along, by doing this challenge on your website, today either using the same words as me, or your own set of ten (or five or fifty – really it’s up to you).

What do you find solace* in? Some people find it in refuting** claims about them. They convince themselves that as long as the words aren’t true, they don’t hurt. It’s very easy to give someone an enjoinder*** not to tease or hurt others, but for that person to actually follow that enjoinder is much harder. It’s sad that this name calling has become quotidian**** in our society. The sad thing is that many of the teasers truly believe that they are doing this waggishly.***** And for many of the picked on, it creates an imbroglio****** because they are told that they are all equal and all worthy of being treated like humans, but it doesn’t happen that way in their eyes. For many, it is a prolix*******. Some would say that all of this is just the Zeitgeist********. Genial********* adults play into this problem when they dismiss this bullying as not hurtful. It can be very hurtful though, as many prodigious********** people have lost their happiness to this.

*comfort, usually in grief or sadness
**proving somebody wrong
***an order or demand, sometimes with authority
****ordinary, commonplace
******state of confusion
*******an adjective applied to something that goes on too long.
********from the German – spirit/mood of the times

So there you have it. It’s interesting because much simpler words could have been used. If this is an exercise in anything, it’s an exercise in the fact that you should stick with what you know, instead of trying to impress people.

Have a great Thursday everyone! By the way, if you do try this, be sure to let me know and I’ll give you some link love in this post.


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