College in a Suitcase

I’m So Sorry Guys

Posted on: August 25, 2008

I looked at my last post and I realized that I haven’t blogged in over a week. I am so, so sorry. I really do apologize for that and I hope that I will blog more regularily in the future. I had to move into college this week and we’ve had orientation and it’s been really hectic. Right now I’m sitting across from Cathy in the computer lab, on the school’s computer (why I’m not on my own computer is beyond me). At any rate, I think I want to eat soon. It’s Mapping It Out Monday though, so I’m going to look at another study tool. Today’s study tool is FreeMind. This program boasts of the fact that is supports folding (which I honestly have no idea what that is), “one click navigation”, an undo feature, and such features as that.

Honestly, it sounds good in theory, but I won’t test it. Do you know why? Because it requires a download. I can’t download onto school’s computers (which is what I’m on right now) and because I wouldn’t want to download a program on my computer when I could just use the one that I showed you last week. Anyways, I hope you found this helpful! Have a great Monday!


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