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To Be Honest With You Guys

Posted on: September 4, 2008

To be honest with you guys, I’m having a pretty crappy day and I don’t feel like blogging today. However, I made a commitment to this blog and I’m not going to flake out on the day right after I said I was in this to blog almost every day (which I don’t know if I’ll be blogging this weekend or not – I haven’t decided if I’m bringing my laptop with me to the retreat or not). At any rate, it’s Tackle It Thursday and I need to see if I can accomplish a challenge. I’m going to be working on the items on this list: 12 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Into a Better One by taking one item every week. Even if I’m not having a bad day, I still could use a little pick-me-up. Everyone deserves to be happy, even me as my good friend Ryan reminded me today when I was crying in his room. I told you, it’s been a really crappy day. He’s probably the closest friend I have here and while although it’s great talking to him and it helps me, I don’t think he’ll take offense to this, but I’d still rather be talking to my boyfriend and maybe even to Aaron. Though that’s not always up to me. A high school schedule is rather inflexible (Micah’s) and Aaron doesn’t have a cell phone and Brian seems not to pass on my messages. At any rate, somehow I ended up in his room and crying. I’m not really sure when I turned out to be a crier. I used to be so strong. Ryan says everybody hides this and to a huge extent I know this is true, but you know, I used to be better at it. Now I feel so exposed and vulnerable, like everyone can tell. I hate this feeling, but there’s not a heck of a whole lot I can do about it. I’m just working on getting through it one day at a time. It still feels just as hard as last time, but easier in a way. I’m not as tempted by things that only seem beneficial.

At any rate, I’m getting off track. From the list for today, I chose to read Philippians 4. If I haven’t mentioned this before (and for once, I’m not sure if I have), I am Christian and this list is obviously written by another Christian blogger. So I’m going to read it right now. If there was an intermission, this would be it right now.

I just finished reading this and it was a great spirit up lifter. I couldn’t remember quite what was in this chapter, but once I started reading it, the words became very familiar to me. This, I think, will help me to keep a positive outlook. Just remembering that Paul was writing rejoice in everything at a time when (now don’t quote me on this, since I don’t quite remember) he was either in jail or in under house arrest. What a truly wonderful gift this bible is, no matter what Ryan or anyone else says (though I can never be entirely sure what he believes unless he comes right out and says it, which I don’t know if he will – he likes to get me to think. I hope someday I will get him to think).

Anyways, at this many words, this clocks in as one long, long blog post (not really, but it feels long to me – I put a lot of thought and effort into this one). I think I’ll leave you go now. Have a happy Thursday everyone.



5 Responses to "To Be Honest With You Guys"

I am glad you liked the article! Philippians 4 is a great pick-me-up isn’t it?

Have a happy Thursday everyone.

it is the thought that counts

Thank you both! Yes Philippians for is a great calmer. And yes, it is the thought that counts. Did you have a bad Thursday? I’m sorry if you did.

Holy, Moly! You do sound quite depressed, Miss Lissy, and I’m hoping you are feeling better by now. Everyone has bad days but it sounds like you are a positive soul trying to turn lemons into lemonade. This may sound trite, however, I’ve always believed that the more you “practice” making yourself feel better or being more positive (no matter what life throws at you), you DO actually develop the habit of being even more positive than you started out.

Chin up, Lissy, things can always get lots better.

Thanks Michelle. I am feeling a lot better. Other than some stress with my roommate, things appear to be looking up quite well.
Miss Lissy

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