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Sobama . . .

Posted on: January 2, 2009

If you aren’t familiar with me, you should know three things about me (well maybe more, but three things that are relavant about me).

-I’m odd.

-I’m a writing/political science double major.

-One of my favorite things to do is putting words together.

This is how you get words of awesome like

-miggle (man giggle)

-murse (man purse)

-moob (man boob)

-probama (pro Obama)

So if you’re following, you can logically know that my title means So Obama . . .

And, for the record, I did vote for Obama, despite my very conservative religious upbringing. Trust me, I received a lot  of flack from this, some of it from people who didn’t even vote and they could have! Trust me when I say that that irritated me to no end. Your two votes for McCain could have canceled out my one vote for Obama, but you chose not to vote, so don’t tell me how to vote.

Anyways, Obama sure made a lot of promises, didn’t he? And is he going to stick to them? Who knows? However, someone is willing to keep track for us on promises made and broken. And for that I’m thankful. So, in case you’re curious and in case you’re like, So Obama, what’s really going to happen, here’s the list:

And you should note, I’m pretty pleased with the way this blogger intends to do it with bi-partisanship and honesty. Plus he links back to his news articles where these promises were made and where they were kept, broken, or put into jeopardy.

Sobama, let’s see how it goes.

Miss Lissy


2 Responses to "Sobama . . ."

Hi. I just came across your site. I was a pol sci major in college as well. It really showed me a lot about the world… some things I was psyched to learn and some things I wasn’t.

Sobama = clever.

Isn’t that the way it works though with everything? You have to learn a little that you don’t want to know to get to the stuff that’s really worth knowing, but I think it’s all worth knowing, even though you may be saddened or disturbed by some of it.

And thank you for thinking Sobama is clever.

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