College in a Suitcase

Small Great Things in a Suitcase

Posted on: January 5, 2009

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

You know what? I know she’s Mother Teresa and all and some people would tell she ought to be made a saint, but I disagree wither her here. I think we can do great things. But do you know what? They are in the small things.

I want to know who decided that small things couldn’t be great, because I think they’re among the greatest things ever made. I know it’s the small things that matter most to me, like the way my boyfriend never leaves or ends a conversation without telling me he loves me. These are the important things that I hold onto, you know? The things that give my life meaning are often in the small and insignificant details that God weaves into my life’s tapestry.

And who’s to define anything as a small thing anyways? I mean, you don’t know how that touches a person’s life. We’ve all heard the stories where a friend keeps another friend from killing themselves by their simple gift of friendship and they may sound cliche, but they’re true. People keep other people holding on and they may not know that they do. Sitting by someone who always sits alone might make them feel as if they exist. Giving something of yourself might restore in other people a hope in humanity.

So what do you think? Go out there and do great things – however small they may be. They are great things to somebody. Maybe that somebody is yourself, knowing that you brightened another’s day and feeling needed. Who knows? Only God can know the way we effect others lives. I hope I have had that effect on someone at least once in my life.

May your Monday be peaceful as you set forth to do great in the world because you can!

Miss Lissy


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