College in a Suitcase


Posted on: January 9, 2009

It’s Friday. That’s all I really know.

That and I’m ready to go back. To school that is. You know how when you’re little you love breaks? Well, for me, I don’t really love my breaks anymore. This is almost 5 weeks off. That’s a long, long time.

And I might be going crazy! I’ve gone to drastic measures. My grade school’s hot lunch program is run by a completely volunteer staff. And I signed up to volunteer for two weeks. And this is the same time we have to learn to do all our new paperwork.

So I have to train every single volunteer on the new paperwork. And I have to do back months of paperwork. Joy oh joy.

What about you? How are you keeping yourself busy? Hopefully it’s more fun than what I’m do.

Miss Lissy

P.S. Actually, secretly I kind of enjoy it. Hey – it gets me out of the house. Can you blame me?


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