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Then What Makes?

Posted on: January 10, 2009

Then what makes me me?

Well a lot of things. One of those things is being a writer.

Then what makes a writer?

Well there’s a lot of parts and the combination of each person finding the right amounts of whatever works for them. However, one thing is required for all writers and that’s determination. It takes a lot of guts and lots of keeping on keeping on to keep sending out the piece you love to watch it be rejected time after time. It takes a lot of guts just to tell people you’re a writer, at least in my world, because it’s not practical.

But Kathryn in the article here has provided a list of 25 things you can say to keep yourself determined. She’s graciously allowed me to write on these and expand and give my own ideas on these.

“I can write.”

I think this is important to tell yourself. Not everyone can write and even if you do tell yourself this and you’re not one of the people who can, you’ll feel empowered and you’ll keep plugging away at your writing and you will get better over time (probably). And even if not, if you tell yourself this it’s going to have the energy to get through the first, second, and third draft (and however many you need) and through the countless rejections. After all, there have been some pretty bad writers published. (Danielle Steel anyone?) So if there’s anything I know, if you think you can write and you keep on thinking you can write, then you will probably find a market for it with people who think you can write as well. So whether or not you can write and whether or not you think you can write, well, just know that you can. After all, I never really defined what writing was did I? Is it the act of merely stringing words together or is it more than that? I know my opinion, but what do you honestly think?

Miss Lissy

I can write.


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You absolutely can!

Thank you!

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