College in a Suitcase

And Now For Your Feature Presentation

Posted on: January 25, 2009

So, back to my series. I apologize for the interruption. Sometimes, there are just things that need to be blogged about the way that people need air. So we’re back to the series taken from this post right here. The next mantra is,

“I can write something else tomorrow.”

And it’s true. You can. What you write today isn’t going to be the last thing you write. (Unless you get hit by a bus, which would be unfortunate, but extremely not likely and unpredictable). So take tomorrow and write something else. And look at what you wrote yesterday. There may be redeemable parts. Tomorrow is a new day. It is always a new day, not only in writing but in every aspect of your life.

Peace Out and let your tomorrow be a new day,

Miss Lissy


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