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Why Other X Majors Are Important

Posted on: January 28, 2009

So fill in the blank. I’m a Writing/Political Science Double Major. What about you?

And I am friends with both other Writing majors and other Political Science majors. And it has it’s advantages. Especially upperclassmen. Especially people in your class.

Upperclassmen friends are advantageous because they know more; they’ve been around a time or two. They can give you pointers about which professors are fun and which professors will make you want to be unnecessarily violent. They also may have taken classes you’re taking now and can give you help and/or lend you the books you need (which saves on the $$).

Underclassmen friends are just good to be friends with, because there is a likelihood that you will be in many of the same classes as you are starting at roughly the same time. Which means if you aren’t friends or are enemies, there is no way to avoid them, so you may as well be friends. Plus, you never know when you will have to do a project with them.

Which brings me to my next mantra from Kathryn’s blog. “It’s okay to be friends with other writers.” I actually find it very helpful to be friends with other writers. One of my good friends, Peter, is also a writing major. We happen to have very different styles. They are almost nothing alike.

And that my friends? Is excellent. It means that when we read each other’s work, whether it is for class or for our own purposes, we see something else there that the other wouldn’t see. We see another angle they could work in, a place where they fall short, a place where there is too much telling and not enough showing.

So don’t be afraid. Make friends. The ones who do the same things as you for support and a new way of viewing things. And the ones who don’t for exposure and story ideas. And above all? Make friends because they’ll get you through life and they’ll make you a better person.

Heck, I’ll be your friend if you really want. I know I don’t know you, but we could get to know each other. Have a good week – it’s almost the weekend (well not really, but it’s hump day, I’m allowed to say that).

Miss Lissy


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