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Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

Posted on: February 3, 2009

“I only need to sit and write – the rest will work itself out.”

I think today’s mantra is really important. Not just because they are all good and valid points but because there’s more to this one.

I know for me, I write for many different reasons. I write because I like to, I write for class, and I write sometimes as a stress reliever, among other reasons.

And it’s that last reason I want to focus on today. I’ve been really stressed, busy and overwhelmed. Last night, I think I had a total of maybe 2 hours or so before my bedtime where I wasn’t at a preplanned activity like class, work, seminars, and club meetings. I’m not gonna lie; this is high stress, even for someone like me who is used to doing everything and being everyone the people need me to be.

But you know what I didn’t do yesterday? I didn’t take time for myself. Sure I was on facebook for a bit but that didn’t really do anything. I know my devotions helped but the stress level and the exhaustion of yesterday caused me to take it out on my boyfriend who did not in any way deserve it. And you know what? I am truly sorry for that.

But I didn’t do anything to get the stress out. I just let it sit there and simmer until something forced it out and that really is “my bad.” I should have taken time to write something.

And for you? It may not be writing. It may be playing your instrument or making models or playing with play dough (another one I use that I’m not ashamed to admit that I use). But find that release. And take advantage of it. Writing isn’t my only release, but it is one of my more effective ones.

And when you are that stressed, I want to encourage you to sit down and think “I only need to ____________; the rest will work itself out.” Because it will in a way. You’ll return with renewed commitment and the feeling that you can handle it, you can make it, and for me, that I do make a difference.

Happy Tuesday everyone – peace out.

Miss Lissy


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