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We All Are One In Difference

Posted on: February 11, 2009

When I read the next mantra on this list, I began to get excited.

“My perspective is unique; sharing it adds to the world.”

When you read this statement, I hope you got as excited as I did. If you didn’t, let me let you in on why I did.

I believe people are people. End of story. And that every person is different. Because we are shaped differently by our pasts and experiences, we become different people.

And this is so important. If you were writing this blog, you would have a different answer. It may be similar but there’s no way you would say it in the same words that I did.

And that is beautiful. One of the most important things you have as a writer is your voice. Everything has been done before, but what hasn’t been done before is the way you can tell it. When you try to imitate others, you instantly lose that “fresh” appeal.

So bring your own perspective. Be you. Live life.

Miss Lissy


2 Responses to "We All Are One In Difference"

A refreshing post. After a long week of school, this is something I needed to read. I’m glad you wrote this post. Thanks. I’m different and if I was the same like other people, this world would be differently the same. That is not the way I want our world to be. I have my own perspective on current events, ideas, and etc. I’m being me… trying to live a life.

I’m glad that this post helped to make your week better!

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