College in a Suitcase

How Do You Have a Life?!?!

Posted on: March 7, 2009

You know those pieces of flair that say
1) Acadmeics
2) Social Life
3) Sleep
Pick one
They are so true. Seriously. I am so incredibly busy. 18 credits, two part time job, super involved on campus, including a morning radio show (7-8 AM – tune in at

But I miss blogging. So today, I blog. I’m taking a break from working on my Invisible Children speech ( which is largely depressing anyways – but the world needs to know. I wish I could just show them the documentary – it would be much more effective than I will be.

But I’m going to do my best. I’m going to try and blog as often as I can still. And I’m going to be continuing with the series I was working on before from here

I’m not sure how much I can expand on this one though. “I write because I enjoy writing.”

Because I do. And I don’t always enjoy it (essay on Anzaldua and Freire – definitely not). But I want to be a writer because I love it. And I wish that everyone could learn to love it because people need writing so much.

And that’s one thing I miss about not having a lot of free time is not having that time to just sit down and write the way I did in high school. But I will make that time. Even this is a form of writing. Writing is everywhere.

Lots of people say they hate it.

I don’t.

Miss Lissy


3 Responses to "How Do You Have a Life?!?!"

Life definitely does get busy. Blogging (and all writing) can easily fall to the wayside and other things take precedence. What’s great is that every day is a new day when we can resume our writing again!

I guess blogging is not easy as it seems for the most part. Getting started and getting into the groove is fun, but then when life interferes stumble along the path, it is challenging to keep the ball going and not falling completely on the ground.

It’s not that it isn’t easy. Finding the time is the hard part for me.

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