College in a Suitcase

Understanding Humanity

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Now all right, I will never ever claim to be sage or wise. And there are some things I will never understand, like why people have to get sick or things that go down at the Dollar Store. But there are some things I do understand and some things that I will forever strive to understand.

So it’s mantra time.

“Writing is the way that I understand the world around me.”

I think to a huge extent this is true. When I write something out, I come to discover that there are more ideas there than I originally thought. I can keep going on these tangents for quite some time. It’s rather interesting and amusing and at least marginally helpful for papers.

But it’s not the only way to understand the world. You can do it through talking, music, art, people watching, anything really. And your understanding will be different from my understanding and on some levels that’s okay. I actually do a combination of the above events to understand the world.

But I won’t claim to understand it all. I won’t ever be able to understand tragedies like the Holocaust and Uganda and Darfur. I won’t claim to understand the actions people take. Reasons and understanding are different. I hope you realize this.

But I hope you understand, that I love humanity, the good and bad, because people are people. No matter how small or tall or thick or thin or old or young or black or white or anything – they are people! You hear?

Miss Lissy


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