College in a Suitcase

De-stress and Let Things Be a Little Mess(y)

Posted on: March 25, 2009

So when I went to look at just what today’s mantra would be, I got really excited. Do you know why I got excited? Let me tell you.

“It’s okay to feel like a mess.”

Now mess is something I know. At present, my room is a huge mess, though as I am having a visitor this weekend (well Ryan is), it will hopefully be a little cleaner soon. At any rate, mess is something I know.

But I am quick also to call myself a mess or messed up. And do you know what this makes me realize? So what if I feel like a mess. You know what, I get things done in my messy room that lacks organization. I get things done. I feel pretty accomplished for being able to say that at all. I hope that you too can say no matter what state you are in that you get things done. And sometimes, yeah, when I can’t find something I feel like a mess. But I look at all that I do and I ask myself, how can that ever be bad? Sure, it’s a lot sometimes, but it’s something.

So I hope if you’ve ever felt like a mess, you can relate. Peace out everyone.

Miss Lissy


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