College in a Suitcase

My Way Just Happens to Be (In a Suitcase)

Posted on: March 31, 2009

So I’m continuing with this mantra series. I’m a little cold and it’s a little wet outside, but no time like now to blog. It’s library day though, so I’ll be going to the library soon.

But I find today’s mantra incredibly encouraging.

“There is a way to do this writing thing that will work for me.”

For the purposes of this blog and of life, I’m going to broaden it by taking out the word thing. Because really, life is all what you make it. You can find a way to make yourself miserable and hopeless and feel like nothing good is ever going to happen (something I am really good at) or you can find a way to take control of your life, to live it one day at a time, and to make yourself reach your goals and be happy (for me, that takes trusting that God is going to work things out – it’s hard, but I’m getting better at it).

Whatever it is you’re doing, there will be a way you can get it done. For me one of my biggest struggles is finding the motivation to stay in college. I know it sounds lame, but from an academic and social perspective, college is a hard thing. You’re in a new environment making new friends, some of whom pressure you into doing things you know are going to be detrimental to you. Plus you’re taking on classes that are harder than the ones you’ve ever done before. It takes work, but my motivation is that I know I’m supposed to be here and that God would never give me more than it can handle. Plus, a really good support network of friends.

So I’m telling you, whatever you’re struggling with, it CAN be done. Go out and feel empowered.

Miss Lissy


4 Responses to "My Way Just Happens to Be (In a Suitcase)"

Refreshing post. Just what I needed to go on with the rest of the day. This just adds on to everything else I think about. You are doing a swell job with the mantra series.

I am so pleased you feel that way.

oooh that is so cool you have “library days”! i wish i could go there more often, but it just doesn’t work out as nicely with my schedule. every time i DO get there though, always so peaceful and relaxing….enjoyed the post too 🙂

Yeah, well, we always check out movies and they’re always do one week later so it’s partially a have to go thing. Thank you for commenting and enjoying my post!

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