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The C Word

Posted on: April 23, 2009

And I know, right now, you’re thinking dirty about this word, but it really is not what you think it is. I’m talking about change. The scary word. The thing we run away from. Why? Because it’s the unknown and as humans, there is something we find so comforting about knowing. Why else are there horoscopes, palm readers, and more? People want to know. It’s just that simple.

But in continuing the mantra series, the next mantra is “My writing will change with time.”

And it’s true. Just as you are not static, neither is your writing. But this is not something to be afraid of. Usually, this change is for the better. Even if it isn’t, there is always something to be learned from seeing how you’ve changed.

And now I’m going to be brave and show you how my writing has changed.

Observe, the 8th grade, Harry Potter: The Next Generation Fan Fiction

“So Luna?” Harry said that night when they were home in bed. “Any other secrets you have from me besides the fact that you were having an affair with Draco?”
“Well,” Luna said slowly. “You have a step-daughter, Marie.”
“And what happened to her?”
“She was adopted out. Oh Harry, I’m so sorry. Will you forgive me?”
“Yes, Luna. I forgive you.”

Now I don’t know about you, but to me, it personally seems pretty horrific.

And now, observe part of the short story I wrote earlier this week. To me, they are drastically different.

Like he doesn’t know. Like I don’t pride myself in being the most involved girl on campus, in many more ways than one. It’s a miracle you know? I don’t know if they are legitimately stupid enough not to know or if they look the other way. I would look the other way. I’m worth it. (And in case you’re wondering, this is one of those situations where lying is important, necessary and unshamelessly beneficial).
“Oh you know, going to a club meeting then painting sets for theatre then saving the world. Just your average day.”
It would be more than average today. I had heard the lead for the school play was definitely a looker and how could a looker like that look away from this?
“Are you going to be around tonight?”
I knew what he wanted. I was just a booty call to him, but that was okay. I didn’t need real emotional attachments. I was too young for that. Plus, there was no such thing as true love, so I may as well get some before I turned old and wrinkly with saggy boobs.

So really, don’t fear change. Embrace it, in every aspect of your life.

Miss Lissy


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