College in a Suitcase

It Only Takes One Person

Posted on: April 30, 2009

It’s been an . . . interesting . . . time around here. Finals are coming up and I have like two weeks until I go to Canada. It has definitely been busy and crazy and hectic. Especially with swine flu. Five schools in Milwaukee shut down as of this moment.

But I’ll continue on with this mantra series.

“Putting my writing out into the world may affect others in ways I’ll never know.”

I guess writing about this is a lot harder than I thought. It’s hard and often even impossible to know how you affect others. You can hear statements like, “You changed my life” but can you understand what it means? The emotions behind it? And what about all of those who never speak up? It’s pretty remarkable if you think about it. So I guess you never know, when you put words on paper or to blog or to facebook in the ways that it will change someone.

So just remember that. It does affect people.

Miss Lissy


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