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It’s Been a Long Time in Not Posting

Posted on: June 10, 2009

Edit: I thought I published this already, but apparently I just saved it. So sorry!

And for that, to you my readers, I must apologize. I won’t say it won’t happen again. I have a life. I had finals. I went to Canada to meet my boyfriend’s family for the very first time. I moved into my new place.

But enough with that. My next new series is going to be based off of a list – this one, in fact.

It talks about celebrating National Poetry Month which is in April. But I believe the poetry should be celebrated all the time. And so, I’m going to highlight each of these and along with them, include an appropriate poem to go along with it.

So their first one, which they’ve so nicely expounded on is read a book of poetry.

And yes, I’m aware this post will probably be rather link heavy. Live with it. I’m not forcing you to click. Only if you’re interested.

One poem that interests me particularily is called “the crunch” by Charles Bukowski. I won’t copy and paste it, since it’s still under copyright I’m sure, but one line that gets me is “people are not good to each other.” Anyways, I advise you to go check it out.

And if you like it, read a whole book by him. The link above will tell you where you can find it. You can find this poem and more by him in the book entitled Love is a Dog From Hell

I know it’s going on my list of books to read. What are some other good books of poetry you’d recommend?

Miss Lissy


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