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Do Not Stand at My Grave and Memorize

Posted on: June 12, 2009

So like I said, we will be celebrating poetry. Another way you can celebrate poetry is by memorizing it, so that you know, when someone says, “Oh Miss Lissy, what is your favorite poem?” I can rattle off something cool and sophisticated like (but really, I have always been horrible at memorizing poetry – really, trust me on that). The link above does have some tips for helping you memorize poetry however. So you should click on it, if that’s something you want to do.

If you can’t think of a poem to memorize, why not try “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Frye. Her poem can be found here. I think it would be an excellent poem to memorize because is is short and it also rhymes (which seemed to help me our and the link above, suggests a poem with rhythm which this poem definitely has). It is also quite enjoyable a lovely.

Now something that can be run into with poems that I haven’t addressed is the fact that you can often come across words you don’t know. This is where vocabulary software can come in handy. It can be found in places like Such software will be very helpful in preparing you for reading poetry and also for college. I took one of their vocabulary tests and got 90 out of 100 which isn’t too shabby. The best part? They’ll let you download a free trial before you buy it. Free trials are always a win so you can know if this is something that will help you improve your vocabulary. Everyone has different learning styles, but who knows? Maybe you will find yours there.

Anyways, peace and poetry,

Miss Lissy


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