College in a Suitcase

I Revisit Your Heart

Posted on: June 13, 2009

So right, after realizing I didn’t publish the post I wanted to right away (he he), you’re probably wondering where I am going on and on about this poetry series I’m doing. As I explained earlier, I am going to celebrate poetry! Whoooooot poetry!

And I’m going to do this by looking at a series on but I’m not going to expand on their points, it’s more of a show you poetry type thing and inspire you! So today from the series they say that you should revisit an old and classic poem.

Is e e cummings old enough to be considered classic yet? I sincerely hope so. I love his poetry and they are definitely excellent poems to revisit. One of my favorite ones, since it reminds me of Nick, is this poem right here. “i carry your heart” is a poem that just moves me. I am a sucker for good love poetry. There, you’ve got the secret out of me.

Anyways, I should get going.

Miss Lissy


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