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A (Writing) Contest!!

Posted on: July 20, 2009

I know – I’m not big enough to offer you guys prizes, but I will give you the coveted privilege of publishing your poem here and also let you write a guest post – if you wish – and if anyone knows of a good (but cheap) prize, let me know and I will absolutely try to get a hold of it. It’s a great chance to get some print (well web) space.

But now, what this post is really about is exquisite corpse. In case you’ve never played, you can find details about it here.

How did it lead me to this contest? And what is this contest? The contest is simple. Write a poem – in whatever length, meter, style, etc. that you want with the same first line as everyone else (which means I’ll be allowing you to modify the first line within reason for example is the first line was “My cat’s name is Susan” I’d find it within the parameters to change it to “My cat’s name is Sue”). I feel that’s in the spirit of exquisite corpse to try and find new poems with the same first line.

1. You can enter as many poems as you want.
2. If it’s in a specific style, please let me know. (ie Haiku, Tanka, etc)
3. You are allowed to modify the first line within reason to fit the style – it must be recognizable!!
4. Judging is subjective. I’ll try to pick the best one, but you may disagree. Tough cookie.
5. This contest will run until the last day of July, with the winner being announced on August 1st.
6. You ARE allowed to enter more than one poem.
7. To enter, e-mail your poem to AND post a comment here every time you’ve entered to let me know you have entered, so I look for you poem.
Edit: 8. It can be a previous poem but it must be modified to fit this first line.

Rules are subject to change if I think of anything else, but I don’t think I should.

Last but not least, your first line,

“You can’t hold a heart”

Remember – keep the modifications to that line within reason. Other than that, I give you free reign. Any questions? Comment here.

Happy Writing,

Miss Lissy


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