College in a Suitcase

Day 5 – Magazines (My Guilty Pleasure)

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Well at least the fashion teen ones like Seventeen are. However, in the series we are in, they are meaning a different type of magazine. They would like you to support and celebrate poetry month by subscribing to a literary magazine.

Now I suppose I should precede this by saying that I think literary magazines are fine and dandy. But – and here’s the kicker – I’m not sure you should subscribe. I’ll be honest – I don’t. I mean if I’m given them, I’ll read them, but I simply can’t afford a subscription. They’re usually pretty pricey and I understand, it’s because they don’t make a lot of money in advertisements, but I’m a college student. So – maybe someday later in my life I will, but not now.

Plus, on top of that, I’m a writing major, so I read a lot of that kind of stuff for class and at the end of the day, sometimes you just want to read a little celebrity gossip and about how to apply eyeshadow. It’s a break. And I know, I’m not even that girly, but it’s just something else.

So what do you think of literary magazines? Are they worth it?

Miss Lissy


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