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Support Poetry R’US!

Posted on: September 14, 2009

So yesterday, as I return to blogging with sunburnt face and sleepy mind (I stayed up reading The Last Victim and then after I finished (yes, the whole book) I couldn’t fall asleep).

There are many things I could have done, but it’s almost never productive to get back up and work on the computer. So I laid in bed until I fell asleep. What else could I do? I hope next semester I don’t have as many morning shifts as I do now. And it would be preferable not to have Friday classes at all. But what can I do?

So back to the series. Today’s is concerning promoting the support of poetry. Obviously, I write poetry, I’m into poetry, everything like that so I think it should be supported.

Yesterday, I met Solomon Trimble. A Twilight actor, he is also a poet and he read some of his work for us (the toned down, kid friendly version – I hear the actual version is much racier). I think that what I heard was good. However, just by going to that event, I publicly supported him and his poetry. Event coordinators look at things like how many people show up when deciding if they should bring someone back. So hopefully they bring him back, not just because he was in Twilight, but because he had great poetry, was a funny guy, had a good message (don’t do drugs and alcohol – and he’s living by example on that because that’s the way the Lakota people live – by example and also that parents should read to their kids in their language and none of this baby talk stuff because that inhibits children’s ability to learn their language when you’re dumbing it down from them), and also because he is a good cultural ambassador. He was very much involved in Indian Summer beyond his speaking time – he danced in the powwow and he even sang some songs for us – a healing one included. All in all, it was a great time and I’m glad I could support him.

And if for whatever reason, he googles himself and finds this, I was the girl who kept interjecting because she can’t keep her mouth shut (and knows Midsummer’s Night Dream is Shakespeare).

Miss Lissy


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