College in a Suitcase


Posted on: September 23, 2009

So I’m trying hard to do a post every day, but realizing how busy I am, I’m not going to penalize myself if I don’t. That would be absurd in so many ways. I write this blog for you to read it yes, but I also write it for me to write it. So that is my take on that.

And sometimes I want to talk about something here but I can’t. So you’ll have to deal with it. This is because some people who have the potential to read it know how I am.

Also (and this may sound dumb, but I assure you it is not) – I am unsure what my name should be eventually. For I will be getting married soon -ish (2 and a half years) and then I won’t be a Miss any more. Suggestions? I could go by Mrs. B or Mrs. Nick or Mrs. Nick’s Wife (lol, I don’t know that you will understand that), but at any rate, what should it be? Thoughts, suggestions?

And today is a break in the series, I have to mention, because it happens to be synchroblogging. What is synchroblogging? It’s a bunch of bloggers getting together to blog on the same topic. So after you have all my random, rambling, I’m sure you want to know about today’s topic – what would my superpower be?

If I could have a super power, I think I would really want teleportation. There are many times when teleportation would not only save time, but it would just be handy. There are times when I miss my fiancee and my friends very much and if I could teleport to see them it would be handy and awesome. This is the superpower I would want if I could have one. And I know – it’s not very fancy or original, but my back-up superpower is to be able to sleep for only a little time and not be tired. (Isn’t that every college student’s dream?)

If you want to know more, feel free to go to Kelvin’s blog and check it out. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Miss Lissy (for now)

1 Response to "Teleportation"

Being able to teleport would be fun. It’s a unique super power to have. Reminds me of the movie “Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” I believe the title is correct. LOL. Thanks for participating.

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