College in a Suitcase

Stomp Stamp

Posted on: September 25, 2009

So, I guess it’s time to tell you that we’re back to the series. Sometimes I don’t want to continue through with it, but I committed myself to something and now I’m going to go through with it.

It’s a Friday and I’m done with classes for the week. I don’t think that people like me go out on the weekends – I stay here, even though lots of people go home. Hopefully I’ll get to see my friends again for Halloween. Nick looks at me last night and he says, “So I’ll actually have a date for a dance for once?” Our friends love putting on dances at his school and it makes me sad that I can’t go to them. It’s 7 hours away, but hopefully Emily and I will be able to go.

Today’s is to ask the post office for more poet stamps. Of course, there’s rules attached and such like that. However, I’m not sure on this one. Simply because, I don’t really use regular stamps. I only usually use forever stamps and I have maybe 80 left now and sure, you may think that’s not a lot of savings, but you know, it can add up over time in my opinion.

Anyways, what poet would you put on a stamp?

Miss Lissy


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