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The Sounds of Mario Kart

Posted on: October 4, 2009

Sometimes, life is amusing. Mario Party (or Mario Kart or both) is a game that sweeps through the colleges – people here play it religiously and I know it happens at other schools as well. My fiancee is playing it with his friends and I can hear the sounds of it over the webcam as I read Oedipus Rex. You’d think that would be distracting, but I think it is a rather comforting sound. I’m not sure why – it wasn’t a part of my childhood or anything like that. Well, I mean I played it, but not all the time. But anyways, I have been working my way through this blog post of Kathryn’s, reviewing the blogs within. So here is your latest blog review.

Name of Blog: Damian Daily
Blog URL:
About the Author: Her name is Lisa Damian, she is gonna be Velma for Halloween, and she is a writer and literary critic (a job that I wonder how you get). She’s been published in the non-fiction world and has an impressive list of credentials. She also occasionally dabbles in fiction. It also sounds like she would review just about anything (which is cool, cause I would review just about anything too). She has worked in the administration of colleges and also has visited a lot of places. And yes, I know this is a long bio, but there are so many interesting things about her that I think are worth highlighting.
What I Think of This Blog: I really like it. She has a great sense of personality in her posts and seems to highlight key things that are interesting. Plus, it seems regularly updated.
Example of a Topic Covered: New Puppy and let me tell you, this is a very cute puppy.
Relevance to College Students: I’m not so sure on this. It is coming from the perspective of someone much more advanced in her career than any traditional college student is, as well as from the perspective of a mom, which while there are college students who are moms, it is not the traditional perspective. I think it’s relevant to me, but you’ll have to judge for yourself whether it’s relevant to you.
Does This Blog Make It To My Blogs to Read Bookmarks?: Yes – it is being added in there.

All right – have a good day everyone!

Miss Lissy


3 Responses to "The Sounds of Mario Kart"

Wow, thanks for the great blog review!

I like a lot of the topics you touch upon in your blog. As a former university dean (and someone who struggled to put myself through college and grad school), I like to give advice to college students and college-bound students from time to time. I haven’t posted about it in a while though, but reading your blog has gotten my mental wheels turning. Maybe I’ll devote a post specifically to that subject again soon.

I’m glad you liked my review! I really like your blog.

I’m glad you like my blog as well. I’m still putting myself through college and I would love to read some advice that you have. I’ll be watching for a post on your blog about it.

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