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Daily Writing Tips and Fiction Workshop

Posted on: October 8, 2009

Today, my only class was Fiction Workshop and we are talking a lot about setting. Which always makes me wonder, if people looked around my room, what would they know about me? And of course, I know that certain things mean x but other people could think it means y. So, you never know. I know who I am and that’s good enough for me.

At any rate, it’s time for another blog from Kathryn’s lovely list.

Name of Blog: Daily Writing Tips
Blog URL:
About the Author Editor: Her name is Maeve and she has a TON of English credentials.
What I Think of This Blog: I definitely think it has valuable and valid advice for people who have studied English for a long time or are just starting to learn English. However – and this is a big pet peeve of mine – you have to click to get more than a few sentences. I really want to be able to see all the content straight in front of me, so I can skim. I’m much less likely to read a post if I have to click to get to the full thing. So that bugs me.
Example of a Topic Covered: “Female” or “Woman”? A blog post about the difference in female and woman and where it is correct to use both.
Relevance to College Students: I think it can be very useful for college students, especially if you want to improve your English or you are, like me, a Writing (or English) major.
Does This Blog Make It To My Blogs to Read Bookmarks?: That being said, no it doesn’t. It’s my biggest blog pet peeve to have to click for the full post.

I hope everyone has a good day!

Miss Lissy


5 Responses to "Daily Writing Tips and Fiction Workshop"

Thanks for entering my Fall Skin Fab Not Drab Perricone contest! 🙂

Checking out that list of blogs 🙂


wow,, thanks for the share.

you got a beautiful theme for your blog,,

I like it,,


Thank you!

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