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100 Posts!

Posted on: October 15, 2009

This post will be my 100th post. Wow – that’s all I really have to say. It seems like a lot, but at the same time not a lot. I dunno. Tonight is a busy night at work. But never fear, I will bring another blog review from this lovely list.

Name of Blog: PureBlogging
Blog URL:
About the Author(s): It was started by David Culpepper but it’s other contributers include Michael Martine, Steven Snell, Sharon Hurley Hall, Steven Finch, Misti Sandefir, Jim Smoot, Kevin Ott, and Kathryn Vercillo.
What I Think of This Blog: I really like it. I think it’s very helpful if you’re a blogger. They do the continue reading on some posts, but not on all of them. That’s a little more forgivable.
Example of a Topic Covered: DMOZ Editor Accused of Extortion It’s quite interesting.
Relevance to College Students: I think that if you’re a college blogger this would be very, very helpful.
Does This Blog Make It To My Blogs to Read Bookmarks?: Yes 😀

Have a great day

Miss Lissy


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