College in a Suitcase

Boldness and You

Posted on: November 13, 2009

I’m working. On a Friday night. Picked up a sub shift so that Zara could go Glo Bowling. It’s all cool. Had a long week, but a not a bad one. God is filling me with His peace and love like no others. Update: GAH! I am soooooo frustrated right now. But I’m not going to let it get me down. I documented it – it’s over.

But let’s get down to our blog reviewing goodness.

Name of Blog: Peggy Payne’s Boldness Blog
Blog URL:
About the Author: She’s been published. I couldn’t find much more about her.
What I Think of This Blog: It’s okay. Personally, I like the idea. The way I see it executed is not something that I necessarily like. It’s just not bold enough for me and what I was looking for.
Example of a Topic Covered: “…To Take Control of Your Life” It’s a book review
Relevance to College Students: I think it could be.
Does This Blog Make It To My Blogs to Read Bookmarks?: No – it just isn’t exciting me.

Miss Lissy


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