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Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Posted on: November 30, 2009

So I was all excited about this post last night because Nick has no idea I’m writing it. I wanted to do something special for our anniversary, but I’m broke. Even though our anniversary was on Friday, it hit me last night. I wanted to take a break from my regularly scheduled post and write a post of 40 reasons that I love and appreciate Nick, who I will be marrying in the summer of 2012.

1. He reads my blog even though I told him that he doesn’t have to. He still reads it anyways.
2. I love the way he makes my bed, even though I bug him about it.
3. He is a man of God and he takes time to do devotions with me every single night. That word of God makes us grow closer as a couple.
4. I asked him to watch my stress level and he does faithfully. Again, not something he has to do for me and not something that is typically romantic, but I love it.
5. He always believes in me – even when I don’t.
6. His ability to sound like a broken record (that I need and love) of yes you can when I’m doubting myself or am afraid.
7. His willingness to do what I need him to do, like rest his hand on my knee the whole time we’re driving because I’m afraid of crashing again.
8. His willingness and lack of fear to let me experiment with cooking someday after we’re married.
9. His humanity.
10. His gentle guidance when I am cooking to let me do it, but to help.
11. How supportive he is.
12. I love dancing with him.
13. He has an amazing voice.
14. His smile
15. He uses a mac.
16. He pings me or texts me almost every night before he goes to bed.
17. We get through things – together.
18. He has never let distance be a reason that we couldn’t be together.
19. He holds me when I cry when I’m here.
20. He makes it okay when I cry. He doesn’t try to pretend that I shouldn’t cry. He makes it safe to cry, even if I still hate it.
21. You hold me when we fly places because I hate flying and you tell me there’s nothing to be afraid of.
22. You’re going to make a great dad.
23. And an excellent husband.
24. You buy stock in the number three in Life.
25. You taught me the rules of Lacrosse.
26. I can very, very occasionally beat you in Smash brothers.
27. You like Veggie Tales.
28. You asked me out even though you were scared.
29. You are unbelievably musically gifted.
30. You smell good.
31. You have good choices in friends.
32. You have a great laugh.
33. You like really amazing foods that I’ve never even heard of that you’ve introduced me too that I think are AWESOME!
34. You think highly of me and this is helping me to think highly of myself.
35. You have great taste in music.
36. You support and encourage me in my faith.
37. You aren’t above watching kids’ movies.
38. You think I’m beautiful . . . without make-up.
39. Your family loves me (okay, so this only has to do with you indirectly, but it’s still true).
40. You introduced me to Tim Horton’s.

There are more – but basically – I love him!
Miss Lissy


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