College in a Suitcase

It’s Wednesday!

Posted on: December 2, 2009

So, I’m really tired today. I’m not going to lie. It has not been a good week of sleeping for me. And with school being the uber busy thing that it is and with Monday and Tuesday being my longest days, I am exhausted.

But I am back to my series.

Name of Blog: Catalyst Blogger
Blog URL:
About the Author: Her name is Jennifer and she owns Catalyst Writing Services.
What I Think of This Blog: I think the blog is very interesting and updated semi-regularly. It focuses a lot on business writing and copy writing.
Example of a Topic Covered: Guest Post: Advice from a Freelance PR Writer to Press Release Seekers It’s pretty interesting, but not so relevant to me.
Relevance to College Students: If you plan on going into this specific type of writing, I think that it gives you a clear heads up on what it will be like after you graduate.
Does This Blog Make It To My Blogs to Read Bookmarks?: No. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of writing I want to do, so while it’s good advice, at this time, it’s not relevant.

Miss Lissy


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