College in a Suitcase

One Week Left!

Posted on: December 7, 2009

I’m holding in there for the end. I’ll be leaving this place on Saturday and I am glad to be getting a break. This semester has been trying. This whole school experience will always be trying. I just don’t fit in here and if I stay true to Christ I won’t.

But I will faithfully do a review for you.

Name of Blog: Freelance Parent
Blog URL:
About the Authors: Her name is Traci Love (which I absolutely love that her last name is love) and she has a toddler daughter. (I personally love learning about bloggers’ families more than anything else). And there’s Christina Lemmy who is a wife and mother of two daughters. They both work! Huzzah.
What I Think of This Blog: It has really helpful information from the business side of things. I can’t really find a date on things, so I’m not sure how often it’s updated but the latest post I feel was updated before October 8th or is really, really early to be asking people to register.
Example of a Topic Covered: Learn Something New (and Enjoy It!) I think this is so true – the points it makes about learning new things.
Relevance to College Students: Definitely from the business marketing side it could be very helpful.
Does This Blog Make It To My Blogs to Read Bookmarks?: With not knowing when it was last updated and with me still wanting to focus more on the creative side of things right now, it’s not quite making the cut.

Miss Lissy


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