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Honesty: Is It the Best Policy?

Posted on: March 6, 2010

“Do you believe honesty is the best policy?”

I’m going to be going through a stint of personal blogging. Today I want to talk about something that is lost on our culture – honesty.

Because the simple answer to that question is yes, I believe honesty is the best policy. Let me tell you why. It might be as simple as the truth will set you free, because it will, but it’s also bigger than that.

First of all, when you tell a lie, you have to remember that lie. And you have to tell it the same way every time. You get trapped in this lie and you constantly worry that someone will find out if it’s a big enough lie.

I was recently in a talk with a friend who asked me why I was being so mean; I said I was just telling her the truth. I asked if I was in her situation would she tell me that it was bad and she said she probably would. But she was like, you don’t have to tell it to me the way you do. Well I was like, there’s sometimes no way to sugarcoat the truth and it doesn’t sound good at any rate. She’s like well I want you to comfort me.

Let me tell you this – a lie will never comfort you. It will only keep hurting you. You can argue me this if you want, but the truth always prevails. And when the truth comes out later, years and years of trying to convince yourself of a lie will make all this pain build up inside you that will come spilling out when you find out the truth.

So what are your thoughts I guess? That’s the only way I know to explain it to you.

So – do you think honesty is the best policy?

Miss Lissy


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