College in a Suitcase

Mistaken Identity

Posted on: March 21, 2010

“You discover that your wonderful one-year-old child is, because of a mix-up at the hospital, not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake?”

I know this might so crazy to a lot of people, because in cases where couples who are trying to conceive by in-vitro fertilization, when they find out the child they are carrying isn’t theirs, they choose to have an abortion, but if I found out that the child I have love and cared for isn’t my exact blood match and that the child who is my flesh and blood is being loved and cared for by another family, I think I would choose to keep the child that I have.

Simply because what good would it do to either of the children to have them ripped from loving homes at such an early age? Flesh and blood to me is only one way of determining that you are family. I would try and strike up a relationship with the other family so that our kids could know, but I wouldn’t want them to feel like just because they weren’t ours meant we loved them any less. How awful would that be, to the person who is your main support as parents are to children, to suddenly one day stop caring for you because you’re not their flesh and blood. Babies don’t understand that. They’ll look for you because they are who you know.

So long story short – I would still love that child as if they were my own, because love is not limited to flesh and blood, though I have to say, I would hope that I would know in the hospital when they handed me a child whether or not this was the child I carried for nine months or not.

Peace and all love,
Miss Lissy


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