College in a Suitcase

Barry’s Farm

Posted on: May 29, 2010

Can I just say sometimes you find something you love. And really, I could use one of these – they are very awesome and I don’t currently have a laptop sleeve. However, I’m saving my money for my trip to South Korea.

Also I thought I would share with you. The website is called Barry’s Farm. They do laptop sleeves, iPhone sleeves, and more. And they have great designs too!

Barry’s Farm is run by a couple, Barry and Kate, and they use American apparel! Their site is full of humor and is sure for a life. For instance where it says your cart is empty, underneath it says it is depressed, bringing life even to this generally overlooked feature. They also ship to a bunch of countries in the world (but not Spain because all their shipping kept getting lost. Sorry to any readers from Spain). I also love that these two have personalities, professing a love of dolphins and unicorns and a desire to meet Abe Lincoln (who I just watched a little bit of a show about on the History Channel).

By far my favorite thing of theirs is this Hedgehog Sleeve: So cute!

Check out their website here:

Miss Lissy

Disclaimer: I was not contacted or compensated by Barry’s Farm to put on this review. I just think they’re cool


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