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Posted on: January 22, 2009

Sometimes, even when you’re in the middle of a series, something happens that begs to be blogged about. And it was this conversation I had with my friend. Let’s call him Blake, because I don’t want to reveal his true name.

Blake (9:08:47 PM): your mom
Miss Lissy (9:08:53 PM): my mom?
Miss Lissy (9:08:54 PM): lol
Miss Lissy (9:08:58 PM): the back of your head
Blake (9:11:49 PM): ?
Miss Lissy (9:12:08 PM): never mind, it’s a joke we have here
Blake (9:13:09 PM): wierd College X people
Miss Lissy (9:13:14 PM): I’m not at College X
Miss Lissy (9:13:35 PM): the only time I was there I was visiting the friends* I have there
Blake (9:14:21 PM): o….
Blake (9:14:34 PM): then wierd college people
Miss Lissy (9:17:48 PM): lol
Miss Lissy (9:17:48 PM): yeah
Miss Lissy (9:17:52 PM): I’m going to a Catholic college
Miss Lissy (9:17:56 PM): that should tell you loads
Blake (9:18:35 PM): o…. so you finally got laid
Miss Lissy (9:18:44 PM): I did not finally get laid
Miss Lissy (9:18:46 PM): thank you very much
Miss Lissy (9:18:49 PM): I am still a virgin
Blake (9:19:08 PM): but u said u go to a catholic college
Miss Lissy (9:19:23 PM): I know but I’m not Catholic and I have no intentions of being laid while here
Blake (9:20:02 PM): and your bf has every intention of laying you ASAP
Blake (9:20:14 PM): brb
Blake (9:24:20 PM): back
Miss Lissy (9:24:28 PM): for your information
Miss Lissy (9:24:35 PM): I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a little over a month
Miss Lissy (9:24:39 PM): because he goes to College X lol
Blake (9:27:30 PM): still wants to f*ck your brains out
Miss Lissy (9:27:38 PM): and why is that?
Blake (9:28:30 PM): bc he’s a guy
Miss Lissy (9:28:39 PM): doesn’t mean we’ll do anything
Blake (9:29:41 PM): i never said you would…. i said he wants to
Miss Lissy (9:30:15 PM): well I guess then I’ll just say I’m glad you think that someone would want to do me? lol I don’t know what else to say really
Blake (9:33:09 PM): he obviously does, otherwise he wouldn’t be dating you
Miss Lissy (9:33:23 PM): is that the only reason guys date a girl? to get in their pants?
Blake (9:36:30 PM): no, but a serious relationship will end with sex, a guy is not going to get in a serious relationship if he doesn’t want to end up in bed with the girl
Miss Lissy (9:36:48 PM): well if we’re that serious, we’ll eventually get married
Blake (9:38:26 PM): and you might stay a virgin until then…. i’m just saying that he is going to want clothes off asap
Miss Lissy (9:38:47 PM): I plan on staying a virgin until then
Miss Lissy (9:38:49 PM): trust me on that
Miss Lissy (9:38:58 PM): any guy tries to get a comprise out of me, that’s it, we’re over
Miss Lissy (9:39:04 PM): that is my bottom line
Blake (9:40:12 PM): lol, he may know that and he may keep his mouth shut…. i’m just saying what he WANTS. not what he’s gonna get, not what he is going to try talking it out of you….
Miss Lissy (9:40:44 PM): why you taking such a sudden interest in me and this subject Blake?
Blake (9:44:03 PM): i’m trying to wrap up the conversation,
Blake (9:44:19 PM): and plus i’m sick of girls being blindsided when their boyfriends are being frusterated from not being laid, especially when a girl up and stops in the middle of the relationship!!
Blake (9:45:06 PM): girls have no clue what kind of blow that is to a guys ego, bc no matter what the excuse/reason is it all comes down to “I don’t want YOU”
Miss Lissy (9:46:17 PM): well do you know something Blake, I’m never going to up and stop because I’m never going to start until I’m married and every guy I’ve ever dated knows that it is my intention to remain a virgin until marriage and knows that I’m not going to comprimise that
Blake (9:46:55 PM): i know, sorry, i started ranting
Miss Lissy (9:46:59 PM): it’s okay

So basically what it comes down to is I’m a girl, a religious girl who is a virgin and I intended on remaining that way until marriage. And I have a boyfriend. And yeah he knows this. And he doesn’t have any problems with it. But I want to know what you guys think about this conversation. So let me hear your thoughts.

*Names taken out. It was a list. Otherwise this is word for word.


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